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Maintenance and Planned Maintenance

Building Maintenance
encompasses two activities - looking and doing and saves time and money by using preventative methods.  


Inspecting the building to assess its condition, noting any problems and seeking advice to determine whether it might be necessary to carry out repairs. Learning how to spot problems is a vital step towards ensuring the long-term care of your building. Think about carrying out a visual inspection of your building at least once every year.


There are some practical tasks, the ‘doing' element, which can be carried out by us working with you. You might consider preparing a maintenance budget to help you prepare for cyclical tasks along with planning.  

Making a Plan The best way to identify maintenance problems is to carry out an annual inspection. This should help you to spot potential issues at an early stage and allow you to take action before any problems escalate.  It is also wise to check your building for damage after storms or severe weather as roof coverings and protective flashings may become dislodged. In addition to inspecting your building on a regular basis it is a good idea to plan for the cyclical maintenance activities and minor running repairs that you expect to carry out on a regular basis. 

The following items are likely to be necessary for most buildings:  

Building inspection which would include roof, walls, doors and windows and inside the building
Cleaning gutters and downpipes
Servicing boilers
Fire extinguisher servicing
Fire detection /alarm servicing
Portable appliance testing
Electrical testing 

We can supply a more detailed checklist and prepare a plan for you designed to save you time and money.

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